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Welcome to Sunny Galalai

Elves and Fairies and Robots! OH MY! Sunny is the weird princess of a small planet called Galalai. This story follows her fun-loving adventures as she uncovers the mysteries of her past and looks forward to the future. Wishes do come true on Galalai! *The art at the beginning may be a little rough but it gets better, I swear. :D *This comic is in the comedy/cuteness+drama genre. *This is a continuing story comic so remember to start at the beginning. Or at least the start of a chapter.


August 19th, 2011, 11:01 pm

New Style

Starting with todays post, the one titled "Captain Sunny", my comic will be drawn in this new style. I think it will be easier for me to tell the story this way. It will also make me stop being lazy and draw backgrounds. :P

I'm starting this season off by recaping and doing some short re-introductions. So if any one new starts to read at this point they won't be totally confused.

Let me know what you all think about the change. :3

July 20th, 2011, 11:22 pm

its our anniversary!!

That's right! Sunny Galalai is one year old on Smackjeeves now. :D horray!

I think I've caught up enough with drawing some stuff that I can get the pace back to how it used to be. I'm hoping to get a whole lot more Galalai stories written so ya'll will know what I've been planning this whole time.

And I promise to keep getting better at learning this whole comic making thing. I think I've improved over the year... but I know I can get even better. ;)

Thanks for reading, everyone! :D

May 19th, 2011, 12:31 am

50 fans!

Thanks everyone for enjoying my comic! 50 fans is alot! :D :D I'm so happy! I'll make sure there are alot more Galalai adventures to come! :3

May 10th, 2011, 6:00 pm

more comics!

I have more comics done... the thing is, my scanner is on the fritz! D:

But I'm hoping to have it fixed by tonight. :D

See ya'll soon!

April 12th, 2011, 12:54 pm


As you all know from the filler the other day, I've been out doing some Live Action Role Play! I posted some pictures of our group called "Legend" if anyone is interested. My name is Sang on that forum.

February 13th, 2011, 11:22 pm

Katsucon stress!

One last convention for a while, I can't wait until I get back on a normal schedule. This time I'm in another cosplay skit. There is a lot more to learn for this one than what I had to do last time. Much more danceing too which will be fun.

I'm leaving Thurday night to head toward Washington DC for the con...and I'm still not done with my costume. Waaa! Even though my job hasn't been very busy I've still had too much thrown at me at once.

I adopted my friends ferrets because she couldn't take them where she was moving to and now one of them is sick... either with a cold or homesick. So I've been trying to spoon feed him for the past 2 days and I don't think he's eaten much at all. I'm so worried about him. The other ferret is fine and jolly which I'm glad of.

My boyfriend is staying home to take care of the ferrets so I hope the sick one will be feeling better by the time I get back.

I'm so stressed. I need a hug.... or chocolate. :(

(Sorry about venting in the news column.)

January 18th, 2011, 1:43 pm


Bah, I caught a cold. I didn't start feeling bad til after the convention. So I had a fun time then. But now I can't sit up at the computer for very long without feeling dizzy... I'm gonna go make some soup.

I still got comics ready to go til Sunday, I hope I'm better before then. @_@

January 11th, 2011, 7:49 pm


I'll be going to MarsCon this weekend. Just to hang out, not to work this time. It's a small sci-fi convention where we hang out, play board games and watch movies. I'm gonna be dressed like a zombie... if I can get the costume done in time. :|

Oh, and I pulled some strips from the last chapter into the current one to make it more even. There's a new chapter starting the 23rd and it made this one a little short.

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