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This page is where I'm stashing all the extra art for Galalai that I draw.

Some of the art here is old and the characters may have changed their looks a bit. I'll try to keep the new stuff near the top and as I find old stuff I'll post it near the bottom of the page.

Have fun here! If you want to comment on any of the pictures just type it in the newest strip comment section and describe which one you are looking at. (I don't know how to add a comment box for a custom page.)

Sock puppet theater. Flashback picture of Kechi playing with the kids.

Vampires! Asaro got caught by Kirill and Ivan

The Apocalypse! Well, this happened a long time ago when Kameako was still in God-school. We all hope she's not as clumsy anymore. :D

Nekonian gerbil ranch! As requested by Kai173. Riichii, Antonii and Miichiru are ready to round-up some critters at the gerbil rodeo.

Family. This is for the "childhood dreams" theme for "Drawing Party". I let you in on a secret. Mariah always dreamed of having kids. Too bad she couldn't be with them when her wish came true. :(

Space cupcake! This picture I made for the "space" theme for the colab comic "Drawing Party!"

Little Noah, Big Noah. I made this as a reference for the heights.


Noah is wondering where he can get some real clothes

Sunny in a skirt

The full pirate image from the home page The full picture of the pirate costumes.

Yeah, I had to do some fan service The knights go for a swim.

The drawing I originally used for the banner. It's Sunny!

The elflings havn't appeared yet but they are based on my little sister and her friends Milly plus some little elflings that won't show up for a while.

Piquin and Kailina Faries!

Joey and Sunny are babies! But Ozzy still looks the same 15 years ago. Flashback: Ozzy babysits little Sunny and Joey

Kechi, Zanthias, and Asaro The knights pose for a photo

You can never have too many kittens lots o kittens!

The goddess and the princess Kameako and Sunny