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SunnySunny,Galalai Sunny kitty Weird princess of a small planet called Galalai. Brown hair, brown eyes. Inherited the power of wish granting from her mother, Mariah.


JoeyJoey,Galalai Joey kitty Sunny's twin brother, prince of Galalai. Brown hair, brown eyes. Has no magic skills so he spends his free time inventing things.


OzzyOzzy,Galalai Ozzy kitty The humble half-elf butler. White hair, blue eyes. He loves to do his job and keep the place tidy. He is always worried about the dangerous things Sunny and Joey do.


MillyMilly,Galalai Milly kitty Dragon-half. Blue hair, gold eyes. Has green dragon ears, horns and a tail. Works in the castle garden, in her spare time she is trying to recreate a potion to help her family. She always has the latest popular gadgets.


ZanthiasZanthias,Galalai Zanthias kitty One of the Knights of Galalai. Lilac hair, mulberry eyes. He has served the royal family for generations. He is called a demon because he does not belong in this dimension.


KechiKechi,Galalai Kechi kitty The cheerful elf Knight. Bright green hair, green eyes. He says he left his home town because there were too many rules. Actually, he was kicked out because he acted so differently.


AsaroAsaro,Galalai Asaro kitty The newest Galalai Knight. Scarlet red hair, red eyes. He has been given the power of card magic by Zanthias. He can't talk while creating the cards so he tends to be quiet most of the time.


NoahNoah,Galalai Noah kitty Ghost who died 26 years ago. Orange hair, green eyes. Refuses to go to the afterlife because it means to give up on his dream. In chapter 2 he was placed in a robot shell by Joey so Noah is currently a cyborg or something.


KailinaKailina,Galalai Teeny tiny girl fairy. Purple and silver hair, purple eyes. Loves sweets and taking naps, sometimes will skip out on her fairy jobs if she gets bored or sleepy.


PiquinPiquin,Galalai Teeny tiny boy fairy. Blonde hair, green eyes. Mature and sensible, he tries hard to keep Kailina on task. Hardly ever gives up on a job he starts.


RiichiiRiichii,Galalai Cat girl from the planet Nekonia. Pink hair, yellow eyes. She is the "best maid" of the Nekonian ambassador. Has a bit of an additude with anyone not from her planet.


Miichiru,Galalai Nekonian Ambassador. Silver hair, silver eyes. Seems a bit air-headed at times. Likes to play with string.


Tonii,Galalai Miichiru's bodyguard. Blue and white hair, orange eyes. A man of few words, he's quiet and always a gentleman with the ladies. Pretends to be Nekonian so he can protect Miichiru at all times.


Mariah The previous Queen of Galalai. Brown hair, brown eyes. Sunny and Joey's mother who died the same day they were born. She had many admirers.


Kameako,Galalai Goddess of this universe. Green hair, white eyes. Created Galalai and neighboring planets for some unknown purpose. Will we ever find out? Probably.


Photobucket Photobucket One of the vampires from Asaro's past. Orange hair, black eyes. (White hair and red eyes in powered up form.) He and Ivan kidnapped Asaro's sister, Aiya, to give to the vampire king, Ducan.


Photobucket The other vampire from Asaro's past. Blonde hair, grey eyes. He turned Asaro's aunt Sophie into a vampire slave. He can't tolerate alcohol very well.


Photobucket Asaro's aunt Sophie. Red and white hair, red eyes. She's now a vampire slave to Ivan and Kirill. Asaro doesn't know she's a vampire yet.